Application to build executive homes within the Essential Setting of Lydiard Park

17 August 2017

If you agree that this application could prove disastrous for the Parks Heritage, please go to the Shaw Residents’ Association website where you will find details on how to lodge an objection. The deadline is 15 September – don’t rely on the ‘mythical they’, you need to register your views as well!

Swindon Borough Council’s cabinet ratifies the bid assessment teams recommendation to award the Lydiard Park Heritage Trust with preferred bidder status

15 March 2017

We now enter into a phase known as ‘due diligence’, which entails detailed discussions on all aspects of the lease. We expect that to take about six months, after which we will enter into a transition phase where the management of the park is moved, over a period of months, from the Council to the Lydiard Park Heritage Trust.

We will endeavour to keep everyone updated whenever appropriate via this website, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, press releases to the media, email newsletters and by attending relevant public events, such as the West Swindon Forum.

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