Application to build executive houses within the Essential Setting

The owner of Brook Cottage has applied to build four very large houses (4+ bedrooms) on land to the left as you enter Lydiard Park from Hay Lane. This land is within the essential setting of Lydiard Park and will, should the application be allowed, set a precedent that may allow other developers to build within it.

We believe that Lydiard Parks essential setting MUST be protected – if one development is allowed, more will follow and more after that – the domino affect of precedents will prevail.

If you believe Lydiard Park’s rural identity must be saved for future generations, we ask that you object to this application without delay and certainly by the deadline for comments which is the 4th September!

Full details together with a description of how to submit your comments to Swindon Borough Council planning officers can be found on the Shaw Residents’ Association website.