Lydiard Park Heritage Trust publishes objection to Brook Cottage proposals

The Lydiard Park Heritage Trust has issued its objection to the proposal to build four executive houses at Brook Cottage within the Essential Setting of Lydiard Park. The key points raised in the objection are:

  • Building at Brook Cottage would cause considerable harm to the ‘Heritage Experience’ of the Park and the temporary screen the current owner has allowed to grow in an unmanaged fashion should be removed
  • To allow the application would be an error in law under the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework)
  • Full Council approved a motion in September 2016 expressing its ‘unequivocal objection’ to Taylor Wimpey’s proposal to build within the Essential Setting

The full paper can be read here

The diagram is from about 1920 and shows the avenue of elms along Church Lane. These were replaced in the 1970’s (due to Dutch Elm disease) with Limes. The part of the avenue to the North of Brook Cottage has now been obscured completely by an unmanaged hedge of field maple.