Our Mission

To develop Lydiard House and Park into a preferred tourist, recreational, cultural and learning attraction for the South West of England. As  a  charitable  Trust  to  maintain  it  as  a  publicly  owned  community  legacy  for  the enjoyment of future generations

How we will achieve the mission

Our purpose is to maintain the Grade I listed Lydiard House, and add further attractions and facilities to devp1110807elop the Park in order to enhance the visitor experience.  We will build on the existing catering facilities and Hotel opportunities to increase both revenue and guest fulfilment. We will expand on the provision of a recreational, cultural, learning and heritage experience that stands apart from anything the Swindon area currently offers.  As a not for profit organisation, we will be able to expand volunteering within the park and therefore be able to offer greater, often free, activities that fulfil the social value we wish to create. All profits will be re-invested back into the House and Park, with the improved catering and Hotel providing the foundations to support the continuous development of Lydiard Park as a regional attraction.

We will adopt initiatives to create opportunities that provide socio-economic benefits while championing a sense of inclusion, involvement and ownership for new and existing communities.

We will focus on sustainable development that enhances the heritage assets without restricting access to the Park and, by embracing social value, we will be a positive example of strong civic influence and a true definition of effective community leadership.