Our Objectives

1.  Manage the House and Park with a surplus whilst maintaining free access to the parkp1110781
2.  Reinvest surplus back into the House and Park
3.  Enable further grant funding through our charitable status
4.  Safeguard the historical importance of the Lydiard House museum and its collections and the walled garden and ensure they remain accessible to the general public
5.  Protect the historic landscape and structures within the Park
6.  Address the day to day maintenance and of the House and Park
7.  Establish Lydiard House and Park as an essential leisure / tourist attraction both for local people and visitors to the area
8.  Develop a community engagement program with people of Swindon and further afield
9.  Encourage volunteering and be a role model for community engagement and wellbeing
10. Engage with other cultural and business institutions to provide new experiences in the House and Park
11. Through the provision of a high profile recreational, cultural, learning and heritage asset, help attract new businesses to Swindon, thereby contributing to its economic growth